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The Read Aloud Revival released their June picture book recommendations recently. There are a lot of pond, frog, and duck stories, fun for summer.

I gave you the link to Read Aloud Revival’s suggested books lists for girls and boys a few weeks ago. So this week I thought I’d share another of my go-to lists for suggesting books to my kinds when they were young. Since I wasn’t well-read in my adolescence, I relied on lists like this to help me guide my children to good reads. I was always very cautious with what the kids read. I didn’t want them reading things that encouraged things I did not want them to emulate or at least, learn from.

It is important to have conversations with your children about what they are reading. Let them tell you about the books; it’s called narration and happens naturally when you are excited about what you are reading.  Narration is a beneficial skill for cognitive function, logic, and reasoning.

This is one list I used: 1000 Good Books it has book suggestions broken down into grade levels to give you an idea of the comprehension level for the books listed.

Another list I used was the literature and free reading suggestions for the different grades of Ambleside Online.

Then when writing up this post, I found these lists as well:

Well, that’s all for today. I hope some of these lists help you and your kids find some good books to read and talk about this summer.

Until next time, God bless,

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