Mindfully Self-Sacrificing

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Lauren and I are missing from this picture because we were both taking pictures. ;)

We went out of town for a few days on a mini vacation. Brian and Lauren joined us. It was a fun time and memories made and oh, so fun. The kids all enjoy playing games of all kinds: video, board, and card games, which they get from me. We played a number of them over the last several days. We even got Mike to play some but it’s just not his thing. Mike enjoyed watching some Discovery channel shows that he cannot watch at home because we don’t have cable or satellite. Truth be told, we all kind of got hooked on a couple of the shows he was watching. :D

The big thing was that we were all together, enjoying being with each other. My only regret is that I was so busy enjoying myself that there were a few times that I could have and really should have paid a bit more attention to Mike. Oh, he doesn’t hold it against me for which I am grateful.

It is a hard thing that although it does get better with age, it is still a battle within myself to consider him, what he needs, and what he wants to do, especially in the little things. Marriage is about being self-sacrificing but being a parent is as well. It is important to take time for yourself too. It is a huge balancing act that can be quite difficult and one of which I have never been very good at but which is definitely worth the effort.

It takes being mindful and in the present rather than just acting or operating on autopilot doing the things you want or have always done. It is important to think through decisions. It just might be better to bring your hubby a cup of his favorite drink and sit down beside him or rub his shoulders or scratch his back than to put your feet up and do whatever is relaxing or enjoyable to you at the moment. You don’t have to spend hours focused on him but 30 minutes give or take would be beneficial. Bottom line is to let him know by your actions that he is important to you and a priority in your life.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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