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“Make the Chili”

My daughter was on facebook recently when she saw this post and read it to me. It reminds me of something my friend told me quite a few years ago. You see I was struggling with my relationship with Michael. Don’t get me wrong, I love the man dearly, but it was that stage of life where I just realized we’d been having the same problems and arguments over and over and over again. I felt like he still had the same problems/faults he did when we first got married–ones we both thought he’d work through.

At this point, some nearly ten years later, I cannot even tell you what was frustrating me so badly but I asked God for help and wanted a ‘mentor,’ as such, to counsel me in my situation. There was a lady at church that really worshiped God with all her might AND I noticed that she seemed to ‘hear’ from God. So I asked her to come for lunch the next week and told her that I believe she is a woman of God and is led by Him and told her that I was hoping she would be able to speak into my life in regards to my marriage.

She came. We had a lovely visit. I think God had other things in mind for our day but before she left we did talk about what I wanted to. Her husband had passed away a few years prior and she missed him. She said the only advice she had for me was to think about how I would feel if Michael were gone. That is a sobering thought. And it fits in with the story Tiff read me on facebook.

Make the Chili
By Pam Berg
A good friend of mine unexpectedly lost her husband. A couple of months later we were going for a run together, chatting about nothing. She asked me what my dinner plans were. I told her my hubby wanted chili, but I didn’t feel like stopping at the store. We ran on for a few more minutes when she quietly said, “make the chili.’
It took me a few minutes to realize we were no longer taking about dinner. It was about going out of your way to do something for someone you love because at any moment, they could unexpectedly be taken from you.
So today, I’m sharing with you the wisdom handed to me by my dear friend. I’ve thought of it many times since that day. The next time someone you love wants you to go for a walk, watch some football or play a board game, just put your phone down and give them your undivided attention. Just do it. Make the chili.
1 Cor 10:24
No one should seek their own good, but the good of others.

(copied from Glen’s Story Hour on facebook)

I hope this encourages you to keep things in perspective and do what you may not really want to do just because.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

2 thoughts on ““Make the Chili”

  1. My husband passed very unexpectedly from a heart attack, he was so healthy, this past April. I tell my girlfriends when they complain about their husband’s to embrace every single flaw, because one day he won’t be there and you will wish to have to pick up after him, listen to his stupid stories or what have you. I would give anything just to hold his hand again. I agree make the chili.

    1. I’m sooooo sorry for your loss Diane! This has hit very close to home in the last month because my father passed away unexpectedly, very early Thanksgiving morning. Thankfully we are a hugging family and the last few times we saw each other this year we lingered in our hugs.

      I pray the Holy Spirit comfort you as you go through this season. May He give you peace, joy, and hope!

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