Love Nudge App

I think I’ve mentioned this app before, probably when I first discovered it. It’s been a blessing to us lately.

When we first found it, Michael and I both got it and took the love languages quiz. Then we set up some reminders. One of the reminders he set up for himself was to leave me a note once a week or so.

He’s been really creative with his notes. :) He’s left some on my table beside my chair in the living room. He’s left some on my computer or purse and even a couple on the bathroom mirror. :p These  notes always make me smile. And isn’t that the point? They are not big romantic notes, just simple “I love you” and such. :)

I encourage you to check out the Love Nudge app and get your loved one to do it too. :) You each take the love languages quiz and then you know what kinds of things your love appreciates. :)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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