Lollywimple and DraWing

iamthedivacztThe Diva Challenge was on hiatus when the DraWing tangle with its step-out was released last month. Thus it hadn’t been used as a Diva Challenge yet, so this week, here it is. I am less than enthusiastic about this because I have not yet quite made friends with this tangle. When I follow the official step out, I get something that looks scribbly and prickly almost; definitely not something that would be thought of as wings. As I mentioned last month when it was the focus of most of the other groups I participate in, there was one video tutorial available to help me out. I watched it again before attempting today’s tile. :)

I haven’t played with it any more, probably because I don’t really care for how it turns out for me. But thankfully, the focuses and challenges I participate in push me to do so. Thus, today I get another go at it. ;)

FB□1 ~ LifeofJoy.meSquare One: Purely Zentangle and Shading Zentangle’s focus for the week is Lollywimple by Sandy Hunter. Once again, I didn’t follow the directions very well so it was a bit like crescent moon to me but I like all she shows you can do with it. I may give it another whirl sometime soon. (The part of the directions I did not follow was to aura some sections a couple times before doing others, thus creating some great overlap. Sure wish I’d have done that but there’s always next time.)

Once again, I tried to incorporate a bit of overlap between my tangles but then didn’t do anything with it. Also, they didn’t overlap very much. Just an honest assessment, not being hard on myself. I like to find areas for improvement so that I can continue to grow and develop my skills. :)

So, here is my tile before any shading occurred.

#DC299 ~ Lifeofjoy.meI do like how I varied the sizes of the orbs for Lollywimple.

Here’s the finished tile.

#DC299 ~ Lifeofjoy.meWhere should I have added overlap shading? I considered some cast shadows but erased them because it was clear that I was not doing it right. :D I’d also appreciate any suggestions on DraWing.

I want to thank you all for so many kind comments last week! Sure does pay to get the link in early. ;) You all are great and very encouraging!!! Thanks so much!

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº




7 thoughts on “Lollywimple and DraWing

  1. Your tile shows just how important shading is. I struggled with Drawings too until I started drawing it from the outside in. That gave me softer lines and a more natural feel to my pen as I drew.

  2. I adore the way you added the shading to DraWings! It makes it looked… plumped up and fluffy, like a cloud. The aura around the edge definitely gives it a some extra pop too. Great piece!

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