Leave and Cleave

hug ~ LifeOfJoy.meI was struggling with what to write today, so I asked my hubby if he had anything. Of course, his first answer was no, which did not surprise me. Then he asked me if it could be just one sentence.

“What is it?” I asked.

“When you get married, leave and cleave,” was his reply.

“What does that mean to you?”

“When you get married, you aren’t always going to please your parents.” Then he added for emphasis that he doubted that my grandparents were pleased when my parents moved over 500 miles away from them.

Once you are married, your first priority is to God and the second is to your spouse. Family should not be ignored but you and your spouse are now one, which means you make decisions together but once the final decision is made, whether it is the option you wanted or not, it is now YOUR decision. Anything spoken against that decision begins to break down the unity you have and, quite frankly, is wrong.

This doesn’t mean that you abandon family but if there become differences that are causing stress, strife, or other such negativity, your must make decisions that are beneficial to your family, which is now you and your spouse. Always prayerfully consider your actions and reactions, as you must be able to live the outcome.

I don’t really need to belabor this, so I’ll close for today.

Until next time, God bless,
Michele ºÜº

2 thoughts on “Leave and Cleave

  1. I have heard it said that since the Bible addresses the man to “leave and cleave”, that the woman isn’t under the same command. My thoughts are, 1) the Bible is written in the masculine tense, and 2) you cannot become ‘one’ if only the man leaves.

    What do you think?

    1. For me, it isn’t about being right, wrong, or legalistic. It is about the heart or idea behind it. The point for me is to be fully one with your spouse. Your FOCUS and allegiance must move to your spouse, which isn’t usually very difficult at first. You shouldn’t ever talk bad about your spouse to others (with the exception of one confidant or mentor and then only to work out a solution) and you should always defend him/her if others do.

      I hope that helps some.

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