Kittens, Mushrooms, and More

I’m way behind on my Holiday Grand Plan . . . ugh! This week I’m supposed to be making a ‘haven’ in our master bedroom but I’ve not done anything. :( I guess I’ll be playing catch up on a future week but that is ok because my house is smaller than many, so I’ll just do it one week when the focus is on a room I don’t have, a benefit of having a smaller home. :)

Unflattering Pic of Sandy ~ LifeOfJoy.meThis is our cat Sandy. She had a litter of kittens in the beginning of April. This is pretty commonplace around here as our previous cat had a litter every April or late March. About a month ago, Sandy was looking rather pregnant again, much to our dismay. (Tiffany tells me that this picture was taken right around the time she got pregnant which is why she looks so mad. :D) Then two days ago, she came to the front door looking very skinny. Tiffany went out to investigate and she found 4 little kittens under our front porch steps.

Kittens Again ~ LifeOfJoy.meUnfortunately, the daddy cat, which is NOT our cat, has no tail. In the last litter, only one kitten had a tail. In this litter, I think there are two with tails.

Golf Ball Mushroom ~


We had another interesting site this week. I think it looks like a golf ball on a very large tee.



Opened Mushroom ~


Then we had a bit of rain and it opened up; it must’ve been 4 or 5 inches across. Later it opened up to where it was flat across the top and then started turning a shade of brown.



We also have a broody hen right now or at least she was broody, earlier this week. She’s been out and about foraging for food in spite of the fact that Tiffany placed food right near where she was nesting, so we shall see if she will actually hatch the 8 or so eggs she has hidden away. I hope she will persevere and we will get a couple roosters so we can finally get rid of this mean old thing we have now.

I got back to doing some Zentangle this week. It felt good to be creative again. Last year for Christmas I got a book to learn about shading and even though I haven’t done very much with it, my shading has really gotten better. (You can view my Zentangles and ZIAs by clicking Wonder Wednesday up in the menu above.) It also felt good to know that some people check my art even when I haven’t participated in a challenge link up yet. Thanks y’all!!! It is very encouraging when people take time to comment on a post. Thank you!

Well, I think that is all for now. I hope you have a great weekend!

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

2 thoughts on “Kittens, Mushrooms, and More

  1. Good luck with the kittens and potential baby chicks. The mushroom puffball was very interesting looking. Thank you for posting about your life; the kittens made me smile.

    1. Thanks for visiting with me! Unfortunately it looks like Houdiniette has abandoned her eggs. :( Maybe next time. We think she was a first time brooder and they tend to get bored and hungry and leave the nest. Somehow they wise up the next time around . . . at least that is what we have observed around here so far. (I appreciate you taking the time to comment!)

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