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Be Better ~ Lifeofjoy.meToday is Labor Day in the U.S., which is a day to celebrate the contributions of the American workers. It is a federal holiday. We are celebrating very casually by enjoying time spent together and relaxing. I also think it is a good opportunity to remind my hubby that I appreciate him and all he does to provide for us. :)

I remember attending a workshop by Kirk Martin at our homeschool convention several years ago that dealt with how to handle fussing and such in the home. I learned a lot about myself from him. Unfortunately, I have yet to master what I learned though.

You see, he taught that the best way to keep peace in the home is to remain at peace yourself, no matter how frustrated you might be. I’m a very passionate person and as such, tend to raise my voice. But worse than that, it seems that I tend to react improperly when Mike and I have a conflict.

There are times that I’m a little uptight and Mike will say something that frustrates me, for whatever reason. These are the moments that I realize how much I still need to grow and mature.

It is important to react properly, even when you are going through things. It can be very difficult to respond correctly, especially to spouse/those in your household. It can be much easier with people outside your home because then you generally work harder to be acceptable and act correctly. It is harder at home because you let your guard down when  you’re in your safe place.

I am sad to admit that I still respond with incorrect attitudes at heart and raise my voice in frustration, far too much. But the first step is realizing that there is room for growth and then the next steps are actually working on holding your tongue or saying things in a calmer, nicer tone than what has been the norm.

I encourage you today to take a self-evaluation and see what areas you can work on that will make your life, and ultimately, your marriage, better. And maybe take a moment to tell him you appreciate him and what he does for you and your family. :)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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