Juvenile Non-Fiction Book Suggestions

Several weeks ago I recommended that you take your children to the library and let them browse through the 900’s section of the non-fiction books of the children’s section. I had heard of a book series that sounded pretty interesting. I checked them out to see if I could recommend them but when I was searching the stacks for them, I found some more books that looked interesting and that is what sparked the idea to let the children browse the section to find books that interested them.

Here’s some from the first series.
Good Children's non-fiction ~ Lifeofjoy.meThe two on the left are from the Who Was Series and the right are from the Where Is Series. I loved the book on Milton Bradley. I enjoyed the book on Alcatraz too. But the book on the Amazon had some evolution worldview and some such information, so be aware of that. These were really good books though. I started reading the on on Winston Churchill but needed to stop to write this. What I read so far was good and interesting.

I like that they do not dumb down the information but define possible new words right in the text. I recommend these books. They are chapter books with a medium size print. Very nice! At the end there is a timeline of world events and the subject of the book so that you can see what was happening in the world as well. Good idea.

In the Where Was books, there is a color fold-out map in the back. It is perforated so be careful when you open it for the first time. This series of books also has another subcategory, What is. I couldn’t find any of those in our branch when I was there, but I bet they are good as well.

There are over 120 titles in the Who Was Series. They cover all different people from Houdini to Tubman to Franklin to King Tut to Mozart and oh so many more. There are a couple dozen in the What Was Series ranging from the Gold Rush to Pearl Harbor to the San Francisco Earthquake and more. The Where Is Series has around twenty books covering the Solar System, the Eiffel Tower, and Easter Island to name a few.

I do not receive anything from recommending these books. I hope you enjoy them. I did and I don’t even have young kids anymore. :D

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº



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