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Victory over the Oppossum

We have a small cat house on the porch because our cat appears to be pregnant and we like to have her give birth nearby. Well, Tiffany went on the porch this evening and found that the cat was not in her house but standing outside it and staring. Our house dog, Shiloh, was on the porch as well. She always likes to see new kittens and was peering into the house. All this made Tiffany curious. So she went around and looked inside, wondering if there were kittens inside. To her astonishment and horror, there was an opossum inside.

Wonder what she did? She made a dash for the door and proceeded o beg her dad to get rid of it.

Being the dutiful dad and protector, he went out and proceeded to try to get it to leave on its own. But that crazy thing wasn’t budging. He tried numerous things and finally had to resort to carrying the house over to the woods and setting it down. At which point the critter exited and ran off. Then Mike brought the house back on the porch. The picture is of Mike lugging the house back to the porch.

He said the tail of the opossum was very soft. He did not expect that. You know, it’s a dirty, nasty critter which you expect to have a rough tail but it was nice and soft. ;)

My oldest son was out of town this past week and so we had the pleasure of having our daughter-in-love Lauren over for most of the week. It was a pleasant time even though we got snowed in.

I really didn’t expect the predicted wintry precipitation to really come because the weathermen are wrong so often but our last snow had departed and Tuesday night I began hearing sleet hit the windows. I was shocked when I looked out the windows, hours later to find snow. By morning we had a couple of inches of the beautiful white stuff. Unfortunately, we are all stuffy – well, all but Lauren – so we did not go out in it. It was so bad Mike stayed home from work, schools were closed, and churches cancelled Wednesday night services. Then yesterday, the sun shone brightly and began melting it all away, even while the temperature was below freezing. By evening, the temps had made it into the low 40’s and most all of the snow had melted.

Sean, my middle son, house and dog sat for my sister and her family while they were out of town this last week as well. I really miss that young man when he’s not home. I know my time is limited as to how much longer he will be home with us. He turns 22 in a few weeks . . . I just know that he’s going to find someone special and then they’ll be off making a life for themselves, so I treasure all the time I have with him now. Times like this past week, when he isn’t home is just a little bit of weaning so that it isn’t so hard when that eventual day comes. ;)

I’m excited that we will be having a newly married couple out for dinner on Saturday. It will be fun getting to know them a bit better. They seem like a really neat couple, so it should be a fun night.

I better run. Lots to do in preparation for tomorrow!

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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