journal writing ~ Lifeofjoy.meA couple weeks ago I shared a link to the Daily Fun Facts, which also includes a journaling prompt. Well, that got me to looking at journaling and its benefits. And, you guessed it, I’m going to share my findings with you here today.

This first article gives different journal types and some benefits of journaling. Did you know that journaling can reduce your stress and increase your health and memory? Yep, it can! :) The cool thing is that you can have a journal dedicated to just one thing or combine different types of journals into one and just vary what you decide to include each time you write.

This isn’t just something helpful to children. It’s helpful to adults as well. Why not take this opportunity to start your own journal and have a journaling time in your school day, where you and your kids journal. Theirs may have pictures with a sentence, poem, or even a paragraph or two written about the picture or write about how unfair you are. ;) In this article the author shares his experience with journaling and some benefits he’s gained from it.

Now this guy does admit that he switched to an electronic journal but I highly advise you to use pen and paper, as the actual writing makes connections in your brain that are good for you. (reference that first article again ;) )

Okay, not sold on journaling for yourself yet? Read this article. I know it is a bit lengthy but there really are that many benefits to journaling! I’m encouraged to do more of it myself. Gratefulness journaling sounds like a really healthy habit to start.

Still not convinced? Here’s an article with some more reasons and later in the article it shares ideas on how to grade a journal, if you decide to do that.

I remember one English class I had in school that required a journal entry daily. That was difficult for me because I was constantly stumped with what to write. The teacher did provide some time in class to do the assignment and sometimes gave suggestions or put on some music for us to write to, where we could write about what the music made us think about or create a short description or story that would go with the music. I remember one time the music reminded me of a circus and that’s what I wrote about that day.

So this article has some reasons to use journal writing with students but the real jewel of this one is the ideas it shares. It suggests that lists are easy for children to write and thus a great journaling topic. I shared in a post several weeks ago, towards the end of my post, a really neat list idea one homeschooling mom had for her child, that made writing it painless. ;)

And the final link I have for you today is one that has a list at the end of it with 33 journaling ideas.  I didn’t, personally, find the rest of the information on the page helpful but the journaling ideas saved it from getting cut from my list. :D

If these ideas are not enough, just search on any search engine, including Pinterest, and you will have way more than you need! :) But more than anything else, I hope that this post encourages you to journal more. Oh! And you can always let them decorate their cover like I shared yesterday. :)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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