Is it Apparent that You are Happily Married?

What do you value ~ Lifeofjoy.meOne of the ministers at church yesterday reminded us that when you are in love, every thought and conversation always goes back to the one you love. For some time I’ve had a bit of a confusion with some of my online facebook friends. I hadn’t seen them or heard from them in over a dozen years, so it was nice to reconnect with them on facebook. But I had a bit of a difficulty, some of my friends who had been married when I went to church with them, never post about their husbands.

It usually takes a while before I realize that I hadn’t heard them mention their husbands. By . that time it seems more like prying, so I don’t mention it. But to ask someone else, seems like gossip, so I’m left with a quandry. In light of this situation, I make sure to mention Michael on occasion.

I wonder how I compare to younger me. Did I talk about and think about Michael much more when we first fell in love than I do today? I really hope the answer is no. I tend to be careful not to be boastful, so it can be hard to decide. I wonder if, when I do talk about him, I talk about him in a positive, negative, or neutral manner. I try to be respectful and honest in what I say, especially about our relationship.

I know you wouldn’t know it from my blog, but I’m kind of a private person, so I don’t post much on facebook. Here on my blog, I have daily topics that focus my conversation, so not even my blog is a good judge of this.

I guess I don’t really have much of a point today but to bring up the subject for thought. Would someone you haven’t been in contact with for a very long time, know that you are still in love with your hubby (without being gagged by syrupy posts to and about each other–because you can definitely take this to the opposite extreme) and happily married by what you talk about? Or do they know more about your children, work, or hobby than your spouse? Again, not that any of that is wrong to talk about, but if you share much more frequently and with more enthusiasm about other things than your spouse, maybe you are in need of giving your marriage some special loving care and attention. What better time of year than this wonderful season, to make your beloved know that they are very dear to you.

I hope  my rambling today gives you food for thought.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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