Is He Really a Big Part of Your Life?

I challenge you today to stop and look at your social media posts or even your journal entries and see how often you talk about your spouse (in a kind way)? Do you share about your children? your pets? your work?

I have connected with friends from long ago through facebook and sometimes wonder if they’re still married. Noticing this had made me very aware of what and how I say things (I’m sure I still get it wrong a lot too ;) ) and have made an effort to say “our son,” or “our car” instead of “my son,” or “my car.”

It’s perfectly natural to write about my this and my that and you don’t want to be that person that is always shoving your spouse in other people’s faces but what I’m thinking about today is that my words show where I’m at and what I’m thinking about. If it is always me and my, then maybe I need to change my thought process a little bit and include hubby. We are living life together; hopefully not just “two singles together.” ;) (Fringe quote) Have you really become one flesh or are you more like room mates with benefits?

Sometimes it can be difficult to see the good; the frustrating things are much more obvious and easier to focus on. Maybe it is time to make it a point to write down (in a journal or bullet journal or even a sticky note) one good thing about your spouse and/or your relationship each day.

There’s an old contemporary Christian song* that said, If you were arrested for being a Christian, would they have enough evidence to convict you? This has been going through my mind but with the thought of marriage: is there enough evidence in how I live, act, and speak that proves I am married and actually love my spouse?

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

* At first I just wrote that as old Christian song but then realized it was a contemporary Christian song but it was probably in the 70s. :D So definitely old and Christian but not really contemporary but it was contemporary Christian at the time . . . oh my, so confusing. :D

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