Inktober Continued

I haven’t done very well catching up with Inktober. At the rate I’m going it will turn into Inkvember. I did manage to get five days done this week.

On Day 18 I did both the prompts for the 16th and the 18th and did them on the wrong days. :D

Day 18 (drawn on the 16th space)

  • Everything is Art Prompt: Sindoo

Day 16 (drawn on the 18th space)

  • Everything is Art Prompt: Trentwith
  • Tangle All Around (fb):  Ribbon Rose
  • Karoflo

Sindoo was nice. I didn’t make my “rice” shapes quite big enough but I like it. :) On the other I liked all three tangles. I enjoyed drawing Ribbon Rose but struggled with making it look rose-like. Karoflo really looks like a rose. :)

Day 19

  • Everything is Art Prompt: Diva Dance
  • Tangle All Around (fb):  Singapore Sling
  • Zett-Heart

Then when I did the 20th and 21st, I mixed them up too. :D

Day 20 (drawn on the 21st space)

  • Everything is Art Prompt: Antidots
  • Tangle All Around (fb):  Treads
  • Accolades

Day 21 (drawn on the 20th space)

  • Everything is Art Prompt: Batumber
  • Tangle All Around (fb):  Pearlz
  • Tourmaline

I like most of the 19th’s, especially how Diva Dance and Zett-Heart. Unfortunately I don’t think I did Singapore Sling justice, but that is expected because I am not great friends with Auranot either. ;)

The Anitdots filling the 21 kind of remind me of balloons within balloons. I don’t really like my drawing of Treads or Accolade.

I liked Pearlz in the sample drawings online but mine are less than stellar. ;) I liked Tourmaline and did not do it justice either. I may try that one again sometime soon. I do like Batumber, which I have drawn before, although I don’t really like my shading of it.

Well, that’s all I have for today. Which is your favorite day or tangle? I think I like Sindoo (or maybe Zett-Heart) the best out of the tangles new to me. Of the rest, I prefer Diva Dance. I like how the Waltz variation looks behind the Rock and Roll one.

I hope you are having a successful Inktober,

Michele ºÜº

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