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I remember when I was in school, eons ago ;) , we had home economics, sewing, wood shop, metal shop, and drafting. I actually took metal shop, wood shop, and drafting. In the school I went to in the 70’s, both boys and girls took all 5 classes. Actually one year it was wood shop and the next year it was metal shop.

Life Skills!

While educating my children, I ran errands with them. One of them would be in charge of reading the grocery list (even at a young age) and ensure that we got everything we needed. I also taught them how to know which item was the best value.

They each had assigned household chores and all helped tidy up each day. In their senior year, each child was responsible for planning and making one dinner each week. I wanted to ensure that they would be able to cook and not rely on restaurants. Yes, even my boys did this their last year of high school; I wanted them to be able to help their wives when needed.

It’s important to teach these life skills to children, so that they will be able to handle things as young adults and for the rest of their lives. They should also be taught how to care for a vehicle, yard maintenance, and gardening would be helpful too.

Of course don’t forget about handling money, savings, giving, writing checks, and balancing checkbooks. I had my children give gifts on Christmas to extended family; I didn’t want them to just expect to receive gifts themselves. I tried to encourage them to give something that was thoughtful and useful but since we never had excess funds, they frequently made gifts. I’m sure some were not appreciated but they were accepted with love. :)

So as you are planning your next school session, be sure to include life skills in the plan. We need to eat and clean up things every day of our lives, so it doesn’t need to be confined to just school days either. ;)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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