How Often Should I Weigh Myself?

I used to be the person that weighed myself every single morning. The problem with that practice is that sometimes what you did or ate yesterday does not show up on the scales for a couple days.

This used to be a problem because if I had eaten something I thought was going to cause me to gain and I didn’t gain any weight the next morning, it made me think that I was wrong and I could eat that thing without fear of gaining weight. The opposite was also true. If I thought I’d done amazingly and that I surely had lost some weight and then either stayed the same or gained, I’d get sad.

Now with either of these feelings, it was entirely possible for me to eat either out of sadness/depression or happiness that I could get away with eating whatever it was but usually I’d end up gaining some weight in the end.

My life became too much about the number on the scales. So, I went a long while without stepping on them at all. This too was a problem because I was just in denial of gains and losses. And ultimately I gained more weight. :(

I finally realized that I needed to have some weight accountability and the only way for me to do that is to step on the scales periodically.

So I decided that knowing how much I weigh at the start of the weekend might be a good way to keep me on the straight and narrow, not indulging too much, over the weekend. So I weigh on Friday morning.

But one time is not really enough for me. So I decided I needed to weigh at least one other time in the week. By weighing on Tuesday morning, it gives me Monday to crack down a bit and hopefully correct any splurges from the weekend.

This method of weighing twice in the week keeps me from being obsessed with the scales and more focused on what I’m eating. It also helps me to get a real indication of my weight and not just get frustrated with little ups and downs.

I hope this post helps you consider your relationship with the scales. ;) And if yours is an unhealthy one like mine was, that this has given you some ideas of how to make some changes.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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