How He Asks and How I Respond

Today I just share a reminder. Even though I have known for several years that when Michael asks me if I want to do something, he is really meaning to say would I do the thing. For example, if he asks me do I want to take a walk, he means would I take a walk with him. It is a subtle difference but really a big difference.

The first is asking if it is something I want to do, for which I answer according to my desire. The second is asking if I would do it with him. I am always more willing to do something for or with Michael, even if I am tired.

And even though I know all this, I still sometimes fail to remember this and respond appropriately.

So the reminder is to remember how your spouse asks for things and respond accordingly. ;) I know I needed the reminder.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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