Heart Check

Heart Check ~ Lifeofjoy.meGod has challenged me today to a heart check by asking me these questions:

  • How have I shown Mike I love him over the last several weeks?
  • How have I shown him respect?
  • Have I shown him appreciation for all he does?
  • Have I verbally thanked him?
  • Have I been a good steward over the money he works so hard for (in the areas I am in charge of — groceries and such)?
  • Have I been a good steward over our home (and cleaning it)?
  • Have I kept my tone out of the nagging, grating level? (The tone of my voice when talking to him.)
  • Have I shown him I care about him by making up myself (dressed, hygiene, hair, makeup)?

These are the questions He asked me; yours may be different. You may only have one or two questions to review.

First Corinthians tells us that love does not seek its own. It is not about your spouse and what he or she should be doing. If you are doing things for your spouse to get him or her to do things for you, you need to ask God to help you change.  Pray for your spouse and do what you can (and should) do. It just matters that you are actively pursuing being the best spouse you can possibly be.

So that’s my heart check. How’s yours?

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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