He Has My Best Interest at Heart

June 1987 ~ LifeofJoy.me
28 Years Ago

I awoke Saturday and smiled. It was my twenty-eighth wedding anniversary. I thought about how happy I was 28 years ago and was thankful for the man laying beside me, who has supported me through thick and thin.

We rose and Mike made our morning beverages. I’ve been drinking hot honey lemon water for several months and he’s been drinking tea. Over the next 30 minutes, three different things happened and I took them wrong! Nothing Mike said was meant to hurt me, I just jumped to conclusions in my head.

The devil is out to undermine marriages. There is no length of time where your marriage is no longer vulnerable. You always have to work at it . . . at least I found that I do.

It is odd that with everyone else I’m willing to make up excuses for why someone might have said or done whatever it was by which I could get offended or hurt. I guess the reason I don’t immediately do that is because he is readily available and I think we can talk it out but that doesn’t usually work because we think so differently. I keep trying to understand but his inability to answer my questions and my frustration with that makes matters worse. Maybe I just learned that it is better for me to do the same for my husband that I willingly do for others, without having to understand. (The reason I want to understand is so that I can keep it from happening again but maybe it is better to just think the best from the beginning.)

I know that not every situation is like mine and this may not be the best idea for couples. I know Mike loves me and would do me no harm. I can trust him to have my best interest at heart. Now I just need to trust that and not react negatively. ;)

Until next time, God bless,
Michele ºÜº

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