Handling Disappointment with Grace

Love with Grace ~ LifeOfJoy.meEven when things don’t go as we’d like or even as we had anticipated, it is important to be flexible, kind, understanding, and loving. I’m not saying displaying these attributes is easy but it should be the goal and I believe it is attainable.

Mike came home from work on the 27th of last month and was not feeling very good. His tooth was bothering him, as well as his knee. To say I was disappointed is an understatement but I had a choice to make. I could either pout, nag, and be belligerent overall or I could be kind, understanding, and loving. I am happy to report that overall, I did well but I was not perfect as I did make sure he knew I was disappointed, which I should not have done. But, there is always next month!

I’m sure some people would have an extremely tough time with this, looking forward to going out once a month and then not even getting to do that, but as I have mentioned before, Mike and I are both homebodies. We really do enjoy just being together at home. Consequently, actually getting ourselves out of the house is not an easy job. We enjoy ourselves when we do get out but it isn’t much different than being at home together. I guess we are kind of odd ducks.

Years ago I read an article about turning your children’s hearts towards home by not constantly going and doing and acting like being out and about doing things is so much more fun than being at home. I have realized that Mike and I have our hearts turned towards home. We enjoy just being with each other – not necessarily engaged with each other but content being in the same room. If he is extra tired, like he was last night, and goes to bed early, I feel out of place. I guess, my heart is towards him.

That is what I think love is about. It is about feeling something is out of place when you aren’t together. (Not that I could spend every waking moment with him, as I need my personal time. But I don’t like to go a day without him either.)

I hope you find a balance between time you need to yourself and time you spend with your hubby.

Until next time, remember to give him grace and God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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