Gratitangles 2020: Fife

Well, clearly I did not do Inktober! :D It’s okay though; I’m not going to beat myself up about it. However, I remembered that Alice from Tangles All Around facebook group said she had some new project for November, so I decided to check it out.

Turns out it is the yearly Gratitangles by Lisa Anderson CZT. I’m not going to be legalistic with it though. I’ll do at least one a week. ;)

Oh, the suggestion is to put something for which you are thankful on the tile. Mine today is Family. :) It is always the first thing for which I am thankful and then when I think of the next thing, I remember I am soooo very thankful for God and all Jesus has done for us.

So on this first #gratitangle2020 I am using the suggested tangle for November 3rd: Fife. With the time change, I didn’t get my tile done early enough to take any pictures outside. :( So I did the best I could.

I decided to write Family across the middle. Unfortunately, I started it a little to close to the center and it went too close to the right edge but it works. No family is perfect. :D


Then I put in the dots for Fife and started connecting them.


And then I realized I hadn’t finished the tangle. :p

Then I searched for some Fife examples and and realized that I really like it with blackened sections. Here’s the scan of the finished tile.

I added a bit of shading. I like how it turned out but I probably could’ve added even more shading. I seem to be a bit light-handed where shading is concerned. I guess I’m still afraid of ruining all my efforts. ;)

Here are some pictures of the completed piece.

I truly am very thankful for family–all of my family! I’m so blessed with a wonderful daughter-in-love who enjoys spending time with us and makes every effort to ensure her son knows, loves, and enjoys his grandparents, in spite of them living two hours away. I love you Lauren and am thankful for you and all you do. :)

Well, that’s my art for this week. It felt good to do some lettering and tangling again. Tiffany and I are wanting to do another Bob Ross painting. We thought we might do one yesterday and even talked about it as we drove to our polling place but I enjoyed talking with Lauren and Liam when we got home and Tiff and I never did get around to that painting. :D Maybe tomorrow we will.

I hope you will do something creative–it’s really good for you.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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