Going to Bed Together

For the majority of our marriage I have gone to bed at the same time as Michael. I am more of a night owl by nature and he is more of an early bird. Until the kids were grown, I forced myself to go to bed when he did. (Of course, I had limits–I couldn’t go to bed before 9:30 unless I was sick or I’d gotten up extremely early.)

Lately though, he’s had a bit of trouble sleeping and frequently gets up way too early (4 and 5 am). Thankfully, he doesn’t wake me up but this means that he is tired earlier and goes to bed before my requisite 10pm. Consequently, since I’m going to bed after he’s already in bed and asleep anyway, I’ve taken to going to bed a bit later some times (anywhere from 10:30pm to 1:45am). If I’m involved in a good book, I’ll keep reading for a bit.

While this has been fun for me, it has taken away some cuddle time and closeness with my hubby. Now, this really can’t be helped under the current situation but is not optimal for the long term.

Sheila Gregoire wrote a post that mentions this as well. Her hubby has a cute saying about it but I’ll let you click over and read it for yourself. It’s a good article, so I’ll keep this short so you can read their take on it. :) And she wrote a whole article about adult bedtimes here; I hope you’ll click over and give it a read too. :)

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