Globular Grid Zendala

iamthedivacztThe Diva’s challenge this week is to use a round tile (or draw a circle on a standard tile) and draw latitude and longitude grid lines for the string.

Well, I got some zendala tiles either for my birthday last year or for Christmas the year before and this was the first time I used them. I drew my grid lines as instructed but clearly my lines were not even or the same number on each side but Oh Well, it is what it is.

Since the center ‘block’ of my grid was larger than the rest I decided to use Paradox in it. It got away from me somewhere and I ended up blackening in the center to compensate.

Then I decided to use Shattuck in the next two connecting spaces all the way around the center space. I chose to make them appear to be one section instead of individual boxes.

I knew I needed something light and airy for the next two sections around. I had recently seen Helen Williams’ The String Thing tangle video and thought it might be a good choice. I re-watched the video and then practiced a bit on a scrap piece of watercolor paper and then just went for it.

In the end, I had a couple of ends that were hanging but I think they were concealed good enough. I decided to add some shading to The String Thing to help cover for some of my scratchy lines, wonky lines, and overlapped lines.

From the git-go I wanted to include Cadent but wasn’t sure if that was my own idea or if the Diva had used it and thus made me think of it. I decided not to check and just go ahead and use it any way. It is one of the tangles I learned first and one of my favorites but I haven’t used it in ages.

Some sections were huge and wonky. Others were tiny and off kilter. ;) But I made it work. Since I haven’t drawn Cadent in ages, some of my line work is a little off but overall, I liked it.

I took one scan before I erased the center grid lines and before shading or adding in the blackened centers to Cadent.Globular Grid Zendala ~

I felt that the tile was a little too light, so I added an interior blackened section inside each individual cadent block. Afterwords, I added some shading all around and it didn’t seem to be quite enough. Actually, I didn’t realize it until after I had scanned it in to post and didn’t like how it looked, so I took it back out and darkened in the rest of the outer edge.

Globular Grid Zendala ~ Lifeofjoy.meI really need to work on the consistent thickness of lines for The String Thing. Hers is amazing and doesn’t need any shading.

Well that’s it for this week. Once again, thank you so much for your comments; they really are encouraging. I really appreciate they time you take to leave them. (For those that don’t know, I did change the captcha so there is no longer any math to perform. ;) )

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

5 thoughts on “Globular Grid Zendala

  1. It’s hard to believe that the before and after are the same tile. In fact, I think i prefer the before, because it is so light and airy. I think you really made this work.

  2. Wow, what a difference the shading makes in the second version! It is really beautiful! I love how you utilized the grid sections for some tangles and then COMPLETELY ignored them with that wonderful noodle stuff strewn all over! LOVE IT!

    1. I know, shading is huge!!! Thank you for your kind words!

      The “noodle stuff” is called The String Thing over on alittlelime. I really like how she draws it. My lines are not as close together as hers are though. :)

      I thought the tile needed to be lightened up a bit . . . I guess I could’ve done that with Florz, now that I think about it. ;) So I just decided to use the two section grid space all around and draw The String Thing.

      Thanks so much!!!

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