Flowers, Visit, and Stuff

This week was a bit more productive but not necessarily by me.Smiles ~ Saturday, Brian and Lauren came out with a bunch of flowers!!! Brian, Mike, and Sean proceeded to clean out my flower beds and plant the new flowers.

Here is a picture of my poor overgrown flowerbed with Brian working on pulling out that crazy creeping grass and other such wildness. Mike and Sean must’ve been working on the other flowerbed when Tiffany took this picture.

Flowers, Visit, and Stuff ~ Lifeofjoy.meThat nice green bush in the bottom right corner is some mums I got a couple of years ago. They are just loaded with buds. :) You can also see the pretty flowers they are going to plant for me, lined up on the stepping stones. This is the portion of flowers to be put in this ‘flowerbed’. Tiffany, my photographer, didn’t get any pictures of the circular flower bed in the middle of the yard where they put the rest of the pretties.

Flowers in the Circle ~

Here’s what it looks like afterwards. They underestimated their mulch needs. I was going to pick some up when I ran errands this week but I had too many other things to buy because of upcoming happenings. ;) So it will just have to behave itself until I can get to town again.

Flowers, Visit, and Stuff ~ Lifeofjoy.meMy rose bush is a bit pitiful. I’m not sure what happened to it. It could have been the cats or the weed overgrowth last year. At any rate, it has some new growth at the bottom where Tiffany pruned it earlier this year, so I think we will prune the rest of it back this fall.

Flowers, Visit, and Stuff ~

My new rose bush, that we planted last year, is producing beautiful flowers. I’ll try to grab a picture and add it here in a little bit.

Beautiful Rose ~

My sister and her girls came out for a visit. It’s been a while since we have managed to do this. We try to do so every month but sometimes things are a bit too hectic to manage it. At any rate, we had a good visit.

Flowers, Visit, and Stuff ~ Lifeofjoy.meTiffany snapped this one while we were chatting. She said we looked like we were in deep conversation. ;) (My sissy is a jewel and a real sweetie! I just love her!)

I coerced Tiffany into letting the girls help her make the dough for pizza. I know that they ‘rowed’ Little Nino’s Pizzeria some time ago but did not actually get to make homemade pizza from scratch. Tiffany helps me make it almost weekly, so I knew she could do it well. So they made lunch for us. :)

Flowers, Visit, and Stuff ~ Lifeofjoy.meTiffany wasn’t too thrilled with me snapping a picture. ;) (I cropped Macie out of this one because she looked drugged and I didn’t have any more of Tiffany. :( )

Flowers, Visit, and Stuff ~ Lifeofjoy.meMacie isn’t really that much shorter; I think she was sitting down here but isn’t she a cutie.

The next week or so is going to be pretty busy. We have Memorial Day – of course, which brings a visit with some lifelong friends, then Tiffany’s birthday, my mom’s birthday, and a wedding of another longtime friend, to attend next weekend.

I have lots to do, so I’m going to run for now. I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and don’t forget to give honor to those who gave their lives for our freedoms.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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