Flower Update

Well, this year’s flowers are faring much better than in previous years. I am tempted to attribute it to the shredded rubber mulch but we didn’t get mulch down in both beds, so I’m thinking it probably isn’t the reason.

Here is the poor overgrown bed without the mulch.

Flowers ~ Lifeofjoy.meWhat I find interesting about this is that those beautiful tall flowers were planted from seeds — old seeds! They are lovely and bright! I think that’s what I love about them, their bright coloring.

I was very sad for my lemonade flowers, as they looked like they were about to be choked out. So I started weeding. I only spent about 15-20 minutes outside but it was a very hot day today and it’s a good thing I waited until nearly sundown. But I digress. Here are the lemonade flowers (I don’t remember exactly what they are.)

Flowers ~ Lifeofjoy.meSome flowers are faring better than others. This pretty pink flowery one that is like a ground cover, seems to be doing very well. Unfortunately you cannot see the gorgeous flowers because I guess they close up at night/in the evening.Weeded patch ~ lifeofjoy.meI absolutely love the Vincas because they are heat and drought tolerant. I’m not good with watering my plants, so they really have to want to live. :D

Just to the right of the Vincas, you can just barely make out a plant stake. I’m not sure which plant this is but it isn’t doing very well at all. :(

Strong Flowers ~ Lifeofjoy.meIn the picture above, you can see that lovely ground cover that does not look as pretty as it does during the day. (I’ll try to remember to get a picture of it later today and add it in here.) I think those next to the right are Geraniums.:) ) They make me smile. I’m not sure what the tall flowers are but I think they are Zinnias. Updated: Added the pretty pink ground coverish flowers while they are open today. They are really prettier in real life though.

Flowers Update ~ Lifeofjoy.me

Flowers from seeds ~ Lifeofjoy.meThere is also a light blue tall flower there in the middle. I tell you what, these babies have to WANT to live with all that grass growing in amongst them. Hopefully I will weed it some more and water it and have some better pictures to show in the future.

Here is the bed that has the mulch. It is way overgrown as well.

More Flowers ~ Lifeofjoy.meThe mums in this corner are brown and will die out with the heat of the next few weeks but will come back when the temperatures get more reasonable. The Marigolds are a bright yellow/orange and the Petunias are a deep purple even though they look blue here.

Flower update ~ Lifeofjoy.meThey are really hanging in there in spite of the grassy weeds growing in them. I’m going to have to save them this weekend. :) I love that I have the bright yellow marigolds and then some that have the dark orange color on them too. I love vibrant colors. ;)

These poor babies need saved and soon!

Flowers ~ Lifeofjoy.meThose are more Vincas, both pinkish and white. the flowers on the bottom left are white mums. They too will die off in the next few weeks because of the heat but will rebloom when the temperatures are more reasonable again. They are very prolific. These were used as decoration at a memorial service at which I helped serve refreshments. When the day was over, they were given to me. They aren’t the colors I’d pick but they were right for the intended purpose and not all flowers should be bright in the garden. ;)

Flowers ~ Lifeofjoy.meThese babies really have a strong desire to live! The Sweet Williams are nearly being choked out over there on the left and the pretty little light purple flowers are hanging in there too. These babies need saved!!!

You may be wondering what those tall ones are . . .

Flowers Update ~ Lifeofjoy.meFlowers ~ Lifeofjoy.meThey are Sunflowers and they are about ready to bloom!!! If I’m right, these are RED sunflowers! It looks like each stalk will have several blossoms. :) I’m soooo excited!

I hope whatever is eating the leaves stops it!

Well, this post has gotten rather lengthy, so I’ll close for today. I think I’m watching Liam this weekend, so I should have some cuteness pictures next week. ;)

Have a blessed weekend!

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº


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