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I recently read an article by Matthew Jacobson on his site. In it he talked about the importance of romance. I know I’m probably preaching to the choir here but I just felt I should mention it anyway. It was a good article sharing that wives need to feel important to and valued by her man. I thought he did a good job explaining why planning a date and taking your wife on a date is important to a woman.

He also shared that wives want to feel desired. Personally, this is difficult because I have struggled with my weight for years. It has been a huge roller coaster of emotions. Then there are the body changes of getting older, like bumps, tags, sags, wrinkles, and a variety of other changes, which all contribute to insecurity or self-consciousness about ones appearance. But loving your wife doesn’t just come in date nights, it can be shown by the kind word, gentle caress, surprise flowers (for no reason), or sweet little note.  Of course the same can be said for showing love for your husband. It’s important! Don’t get so busy in the everyday things that you forget to show your sweetie that he is on your mind and you love him.

There are seasons in our lives that are not really conducive to date nights outside of the home, even prior to the arrival of children or even before getting pregnant. I know Mike doesn’t really like to go out again once he has reach his haven – our home. He enjoys just being here with his family. It is important to still have that couple time that doesn’t necessarily involve sex.

Once again, The Dating Divas to the rescue! I haven’t been to their site in a while but just went and did a quick search on their site and found some goodies. First there was a post with five tips for successful home dates, which included things like planning and scheduling, even if only a thirty minute date is what is available. This made good sense to me. Sometimes we think that if we can’t have a couple of hours then it isn’t worth the effort, but really, if it means you can have some focused time together at all, it should be worth it – better a little focused time more frequently than lots of time rarely.

Here are some links to their site for date nights at home:

Loveseat Lounge

45 At Home Dates  This one has 45 different ideas so I don’t think much else is needed. ;)

I hope these ideas help you let your love know how special they are to you.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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