Family Dinner and Lights Fun

As I mentioned last Friday, we went to see my oldest son-Brian, his wife-Lauren, and their son-Liam. We ate delicious wood fired rotisserie chicken at Cowboy Chicken.

Papa and Liam ~

We ate up and headed over to Midwest City. It was a cold night to be out walking but we prefer to walk through the park of lights rather than drive. Last year we drove through the lights in Muscogee and it was okay but you have to go with the flow of traffic. We really enjoy being able to get out and walk together.

Midwest City had some nice spots to take pictures. There was a headless snowman, headless gingerbread, a lighted wreath, and a sleigh with two deer.

Sleigh, Gamma, and Liam ~

I got Liam to sit on the deer but although they tried, the deer’s head was in the way and never did get a good picture of his face. (You can see Frosty the Snowman in the background. It was animated of him sliding.)

Gingerbread Tiff ~
This one is special because Tiffany’s first book was Murder Mystery and the Gingerbread Cookies. :

It was cold and we weren’t exactly prepared for it but made the most of it. Tiffany made it special by making hot chocolate (both sugar free and regular) and cookies (THM for us and regular chocolate chip for Brian, Lauren, and Liam).

Cold night Lights ~
Brian (our oldest), Michael (my hubby), and Sean (our middle child)
My Girls ~
My Girls! Tiffany and Lauren

We were all trying to get warm. I dealt with this by walking with Liam. :D He likes to move; so we walked out ahead of the rest.

Liam loves minions! There was an adult-sized minion. Of course, it’s a bit overwhelming for little Liam. So, I got a picture with it. :)

Me and Minion ~

On the way out, Michael took a picture with it too. :) Liam looked, said cool, hid behind me and kept walking. :)

Minion and MIchael ~

There were so many different light displays. It was really nice.

House LIght ~
loch ness lights ~
This one had motion but I don’t remember what it did

I was trying to get a selfie of me and the cute snowmen and saw that Michael was in the background waiting to photo bomb, so I abandoned the selfie and just took a picture of him. ;)

Snowmen lights ~
Emoji Light ~
Love Emojis! How fun
Tiff, Lauren, Green Light Tree ~
Family in Light Wreath Midwest City ~

From my family to yours,

Merry Christmas!!!

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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