Exhausting Fun

Pizza ~ LifeofJoy.meFirst we started off with the OCHEC Homeschool Convention last Friday. It was about 45 minutes from my home. We were there by 8:10! That means we were up, dressed and stuff done in order to leave here before 7:30 am! You understand that I’m a homeschool mom, right? Let me just say, that seldom happens other than for church.

We had a good day of workshops and meandering through the vendor hall. We couldn’t help but purchase something from our favorite vendor, Millers Pads and Papers. This  was not to be our only purchase from this wonderful vendor.

We ended our day with pizza at Savastano’s. Yummy yummy yummy!!! Lots and lots of cheese and some pepperoni.

Saturday we got to sleep in an extra hour! :) Yay!! This was shopping day. We ate lunch at another favorite, Cheddar’s. By the time we got home on day two, my feet were swollen — not pretty!

Brian was out of town again, taking some classes for work, so we have enjoyed Lauren being out here. It has all been pretty laid back, until yesterday. I had high hopes for getting a lot accomplished but unfortunately we only accomplished 3/4 of getting the church decorated for the party tomorrow. We did NOT get our errands run!!! So this means that we have to get up early and get out of here, run into town, and get the errands done in enough time for me to get the game preparations done for tonight’s Fellowship night at church.

I am supposed to hostess/mc and sing a song. I have a huge problem. My voice is nearly gone right now. I’m working on saving it so that I can at least have enough to mc the evening. We shall see what happens. I’ve been fighting sinus drainage some since last weekend but it has gotten really really bad the last couple of days. Ugh!

Well, I’ve got to get running because we’ve got to run errands, get home, make desserts, and prep games. It’s another busy day.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº