Easter’s Almost Here and Endings

Easter  ~ Lifeofjoy.meAmazing how quickly the weeks seem to pass. It’ll be Easter in just a couple of days. I’m planning to make the ham I got on clearance a couple of months ago. It was only 95¢ or maybe it was $1.19 a pound but then had a $5 off sticker on it. YEAH BABY! Grabbed that right up and promptly froze it. I’ll be thawing it today and tomorrow and will cook it Sunday evening for our Easter dinner.

Growing up we never had a home-cooked Easter meal except for once, that I can remember and it was a doozy that guaranteed that we’d never do it again. :D I was already grown, married, and had kids. Mom decided to try the big turkey dinner, yes turkey, for Easter that year. We got home from church and the bird was not any where near done! It was crazy. Oh! and we get HANGRY! Yeah, it was not pretty. :D

I couldn’t find a turkey ham for Michael though, so we got the turkey pastrami. I’ve been told that one other store might have had some but I wasn’t willing to add a fifth store on to my grocery day, even if it is only a few blocks away. I didn’t want to take a chance that they wouldn’t have it or the turkey pastrami and then I’d have to go back to Walmart again. The way it was, I didn’t buy my xylitol at Sprouts because it is cheaper at Walmart when they have it. I’d seen it last week but had already gotten it at Sprouts, paying more, so this week I thought I’d chance it. NOPE!!! :p Nary a one at Walmart. Now if it were just me and Micheal, we’d just make do but since Sean and Tiff prefer it in their morning coffee/tea and it is Easter weekend, I was nice and went back to Sprouts and got it. Fortunately it is only a couple blocks from Walmart. ;)

So I am planning to have ham, Dreamfields spaghetti noodles-broken into pieces about 2″ long, and fried green beans. I may make some low carb bread to go with it but we love each of these items that with all the homemade candy we will have, we won’t need anything else with it. I’m also planning to make a low carb boston cream poke cake.

I finished Delicious! this week. In full disclosure, there was a scene that was PG rated, in the third quarter of the book and was short. It occurred on the date where the main character goes to Mitch’s home. It is also noted that a character or two is homosexual. Now other than that, this book was really good. As I mentioned last week, I loved the descriptions in this book, which is something I seldom ever say. :)

I also enjoyed the mystery with the letters, hidden place, and history. It was a fun read. However, once again it felt like the ending was rushed. I have this same problem with movies, especially Chick Flicks; I like to see the couple together at the end. You know how in You’ve Got Mail you see Kathleen and Joe together in the park? They are there long enough for me but in Kate and Leopald, they cut away from them dancing just a little too quickly. Another example of this is in the remake of Sabrina, where at the end Sabrina and Linus are in front of the Eiffel Tower–they are there interacting together long enough to make it good but when my mom recorded the movie from tv years ago, she cut it off as soon as the ending credits started rolling and it just wasn’t enough for me. When I got the dvd myself, I was very pleased to see the interaction through the credits. :)

In the Santa Clause 2, it isn’t good enough until I see Carol dancing as Mrs. Claus in the credits. Another one was in The Majestic, it ended and I wasn’t good with it until I saw the pictures on the mantle through the credits. I guess it just gives me some closure. I know I’m odd but are any of you like this?

At any rate, evidently I need my books wrapped up appropriately as well. In Delicious!, they came to the end of the “mystery” and then quickly told the reader what transpired afterwards rather than showed it. Not a fan of quick wrap ups. Don’t get me wrong, the author tied up the loose ends but just did so very quickly. The last 25 pages, once again, could have been at least double that. But, that and my disclaimer aside, I enjoyed the book.

I’m considering using Goodreads. What are your thoughts on it? Is it helpful or just time consuming?

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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