Drupe and Pokeroot Duotangle

iamthedivacztI really like having this day on my blog because it forces me to draw. I enjoy it but without the push of getting it done for the blog each Wednesday, I put it off and get none done at all, which is a real shame because I do like drawing them.

I loved what Laura did with her tile and it is so hard for me to think of something different than what she does, after seeing it. ;) So I thought, what if I draw a big pokeroot and drupe inside of it. It probably would have turned out better had I gone through with that plan but I decided not to draw one huge pokeroot but four smaller ones. As I drew them, they connected in the middle.

This is the second week I’ve tried to focus on the light source. Today I placed it in the upper left hand corner. I really think I like it most when I imagine the light source shining directly on the front and center, as that is a more natural shading position for me. But I’m trying to grow and develop, which requires trying new things. However, don’t be surprised if I go back to my comfort zone here shortly. :D

I watched the video Laura linked on her post and it really helped me come to terms with pokeroot (although pokeleaf and I are still on the outs, I think ;) ). I actually enjoyed drawing it.

After that video there was another listed for how to draw pokeroot on the suggested videos. So I watched it. The lady was not a czt and after watching the first video, I did not like how she drew hers. BUT she did show a variations that she called Fluffy or dandelion. So I decided to add that variation on my tile.

This first picture is before shading. (I recently joined the Shading Zentangle facebook group and they like you to show the line drawing before shading and then the finished tile, in order to better help, if you want it.)

Drupe and Pokeroot Duotangle ~ Lifeofjoy.meAnd here is my finished tile. I struggled with the shading. I imagined the one in the lower right corner was angled in such a way that the inside was shadowed by all the other stuff and the outer/lowest portion was sticking out beyond all the other pokeroots.

Drupe and Pokeroot Duotangle ~ Lifeofjoy.meIt is always after I have scanned it and loaded it on here that I see where I should have added more shading or done something different. Ugh! And generally it is too late to do anything about it, as I need to be moving along on to other things. Oh well, there’s always next time. Who knows, I may actually do some of the other focuses before the week is out. I love grid patterns and over at Patterns-Collections for the next couple of weeks, they are focusing on Genevieve Crabe’s awesome tangles; so I might just get some more tangling done this week. We’ll see. ;)

I really appreciate your comments. I’ve always been my own worst critic, so I’m trying to hear you all and be a bit gentler on myself. :) Thank you for your encouragement!

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

PS. This morning I decided to do the single pokeroot with drupe on it. So here it is:

Drupe and Pokerood Duotangle ~ Lifeofjoy.me

9 thoughts on “Drupe and Pokeroot Duotangle

  1. Love the originality of your tiles, they look really cool. I hadn’t seen Fluffy before, so I appreciate that, too.

  2. You are a bit too hard on yourself; I like both tiles and the last one is my favorite. We had the same idea, but with a huge different outcome.

    1. Thank you Annemarie. I find that after some time has passed after tangling a tile and I look at it again, I feel better about it than when I am working on them or just finish.

      I struggled combining drupe and pokeroot because the way pokeroot is drawn it seems that your are looking up from underneath it. And now it dawns on me that I can even draw it another way, so I may just have one more go at it.

  3. Mike has been painting at our house this week and he discovered we have a shared interest in Zentangle. Earlier this Spring I took a six week course and now have been exploring You Tube sites to learn new tangles. I agree you are too hard on yourself! In the class the teacher stressed each week that there is “no right or wrong” and a mistake can often lead to an even better path. I’m finding this art form so interesting because my favorite tiles have come from no conceived plan, but evolved as I worked. Quite a surprise coming from a “must have a plan person”!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Dale! I found Zentangle about 7 years ago. I’ve done it off and on until 2014 when I started my website and decided to put some art on every week. :)

      There are so many Zentangle facebook groups and websites today that you can get overwhelmed. One of them on facebook, Square One: Purely Zentangle, shares the stepout for a tangle to focus on each week and encourages you to share your tiles.

      In my head I agree with ‘no right or wrong’. I just want to like my end result as well as the process. ;)

      Hope I’ll see some of your Zentangles on either facebook or a website challenge some time.

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