Don’t Let Opposition Rob Intimacy

When I was younger, if Michael and I had a disagreement in the evening close to bed time, I really struggled to get over it. And the thought of being intimate that night was no where in my thoughts at all. It wasn’t that I was holding a grudge but that I struggled with turning off that part of my emotions and turning on the part of me that relished in intimacy with him.

Over the years I have learned how to disconnect the frustration that I have had with him over whatever topic and put my mind in the right place to enjoy being close to my man.

Lately it seems that Michael and I have completely opposite ideas about a couple of perpetual situations in our lives right now. These are things that we cannot just simply make a decision and move on. One is something that is completely out of our control and our thoughts about the situation and what should be done (not by us). The other is a situation that is requiring a LOT of prayer to discern God’s plan over.

Thankfully I have learned to turn off the thoughts of those two subjects, put them in a box, and enjoy the love and relationship I have with my honey. If I operated the way I did in my younger years, being ruled by my current emotions, I would be robbing not only myself but my husband of the very thing that can further strengthen our relationship, in spite of the current situations.

It’s important to let the love we have had over the years rise to the surface and help us through these difficult situations.

I hope my rambling today encourages you to put away the frustrations of a disagreement and relish in the love you and your spouse have for one another.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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