Don’t Be Embarrassed By Being Different

Different ~ Lifeofjoy.meIt is funny how that when you meet someone for the first time and find out they homeschooled it is like meeting someone from your own high school. We had a conference at our church last week and Tiffany met a young lady that was homeschooled. There was an instant connection. :) Of course, I felt drawn to her and her mother as well. It is always fun to talk to those of like minds and then to find you have even more in common is encouraging.

But then there are the times you realize how different you are than “normal” people. ;) We live in the country and enjoy being home, which is outside the norm. Then we homeschool, which is outside the norm. Then we embrace more of Charlotte Mason approach to home education, as well as using the Bible for the core of our education, which again, is outside the norm.

We are Christians. I’m not sure if that is a norm or not any more; I guess it depends on who you talk to. We are born again, speak in other tongues, and believe healing is for today; again outside the norm. Then we even take it a step further and believe that the more you speak in tongues the more you are edified and the more the Lord can work through you, healing the sick and such. Again, this puts us even further outside of the norm.

We have learned to embrace who we are and what we believe. We know in advance of meeting new people that we are odd and that others will probably think we are odd at some point, but that is okay. :) We just happen to be some very unique individuals in God’s kingdom.

Another thing I’ve learned is that we are a challenge. Seriously. When I go somewhere and try to do something, it is probably not the normal thing and thus will be a challenge to whomever is trying to help me. Like when we moved to the country and then wanted to continue to use the city library system. The rule is that if you live, work, or attend school in the city/county, you can have a free library card. Well, Mike is self-employed and has no office in the city/county but did pay for a monthly storage unit there, as well as did most of his work within the county limits. But this was outside of the norm . . . they had no address to put down on their form and wouldn’t/couldn’t use the storage unit. See? Challenge.

Anyone that can be a challenge at the library, can be a challenge anywhere. I’ve realized this, so I no longer get frustrated when whatever it is that I am trying to do takes longer than normal to accomplish. I politely tell the associate that is trying to help me, “I’m a challenge . . . I know it . . . it’s okay . . . you get through this and your day will be smooth sailing. hahaha” I no longer get frustrated by having to wait a while. And when I get someone who doesn’t get frustrated either, it’s a good day. :)

I guess I’ve said all that to help you realize that being odd isn’t bad. Don’t take yourself too seriously and enjoy it when you find others that are more like you than the rest of the world. :)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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