DC#296: Moowa, Reel, Pokeleaf, Gemma

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iamthedivaczt This week’s Diva Challenge is a “Use My Tangle” challenge with Moowa by Anya Ipsen. It is funny because Moowa was the focus tangle of one of my other groups recently. Unfortunately I was not able to participate in it then. However, I can this time around. I like the tangle because it looks like a wave but I have a hard time making it look right.

FB□1 ~ LifeofJoy.meThis week’s Square One: Purely Zentangle and Shading Zentangle focus tangle is Reel by Lily. I love Lily’s art! She is an amazing artist. Unfortunately I did not do her lovely tangle justice. I struggle most with the beginning shape. What is that? A hexagon? I’m not very good at that shape. It turns out all wonky. I forgot all about one poster’s suggestion to pencil in or imagine an ‘x’ in between the top and bottom dots. I’ll have to remember that for next time. Then the next problem I had was with shading. I’ve seen some really incredible tiles using this tangle.

The focus tangle for WZTV this week is Pokeleaf. Since my practice with Pokeroot back in May, I felt more confident with Pokeleaf this time around and I actually, kind of enjoyed it. Of course I struggled with which way to draw the little curve around the stem but finally decided it should open at the bottom with the curve on top.

Finally, the Pattern Collections pattern of the day is Gemma. I thought it might fit in with this one, so I threw in a few. I did NOT do this little gem justice at all either. ;) Since I drew them so small, to fit in with the overall tile, I decided to aura them just a bit.

I got a late start on this tile and I’m not even really sure why. After I’d tangled most of it, I realized I wanted it blackened in behind Pokeleaf. Once I did that I was into shading and I completely forgot about scanning it before I did any shading. Oh well. ;)

Without further adieu, here’s my finished tile for the week.

DC#296, Reel, Pokeleaf, Gemma ~ Lifeofjoy.meAs usual, I can see where I needed to smooth out the shading lines a bit more, now that it is uploaded. ;) However, if you have any other shading suggestions, please share them.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº


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