Dad’s Memorial Service

Daddy’s memorial service was last Saturday afternoon. My sister took some pictures before the service.

This is the guest book table at the entryway.

We went together and got this large piece for the table. The lady at Reasor’s that talked with us and actually ended up making it herself, which is good because she actually is the one that helped us pick out the flowers and design the piece.

The piece we based it off of had four tapers and 4 shorter pillar candles but they were out of the pillars. We decided to put one taper for each grandchild.

Then we decided to add four short pillar candles for Mom and we three girls with our spouses. Finally I decided to grab some small battery operated tealights for the four great grandchildren.

That’s Daddy on the left and Mom and Dad at their wedding reception.

Mom suggested that we have everyone light their candle at the beginning of the service. It turned out to be a nice thing and different.

The associate pastor, John, did a great job moving things along and reading the written pieces.

I wanted people to know that first and foremost, Daddy loved God and followed after Him with all His heart, so I agreed to speak but needed to speak first. Even though I helped plan the service, I didn’t realize I’d have to endure the reading of the obituary and hearing the song that we sang to Daddy as he passed away–it also happened to be the song my mom had sung to my dad’s dad when he passed away. But I managed to pull it together and speak without much tears.

It was such a blessing to look over the assembled group and see a couple dear sweet friends sitting there smiling back at me. :) (Thank you Kim and Sharon; it meant so much to me.)

We had the grandkids that wanted to speak come up together, to support one another. The youngest one, my Tiffany and Brian. It blessed me so much.

After they finished, my nephew jumped up and spoke too. :)

Then we transitioned to the video sent by Daddy’s lifelong friend, who was our pastor for about 20 years.

Next were words from my middle sister and then Mom and Dad’s dear friends, Carl and Doris.

Their pastor spoke then.We finished up with the slideshow put to Through the Years and Daddy’s Hands. Here are some of the pictures. Angie, the lady that put it together, did an AMAZING job.

These ornaments that they are hanging are from their first Christmas tree they year they got married. They put them on every year. Daddy was being a bit mischievous this particular year.

Thanks for your understanding and patience,

Michele ºÜº

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