Crescent Moon Knightsbridge

)I’m so glad I found the weekly prompts on the facebook group Today’s Tangles: Keeping it Classic. They have been fun to do and filling the gap that was left by the lack of the Diva Challenge.

It’s a bit busy around here right now (helping my parents pack, paint, and move) so I’m not taking much time to tangle or write blog posts. So this is going to be very short today. :D

I failed to take any in process pictures this week, so all I have is the scan and a picture I took outside during overcast skies.

As the title of this page suggests, I chose crescent moon and knightsbridge for tangling on my borderless tile. (#TTKICPrompt060319)

It looks better smaller…see.

Here’s the picture taken outside. It’s been raining so much here, I’m just glad it was only overcast and not raining. ;)

Tiffany likes it better rotated to look like a curtain valance. ;)

I added a couple of auras and two rows of perfs. Part of me wanted to do more but I decided it was done enough. Oh, I also used a bit of shading, which is another of the tangle enhancers; one which I use all the time.

Well, I’m going to run. Hope you have a great week.

Michele ºÜº

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