Crescent Moon, Cubine, Diva Dance, and Meer

One day this past weekend I needed to do something. I couldn’t focus on what I was reading, didn’t want to be on the computer or internet, and didn’t want to color. So I picked up a tile and the pen I’d used that day to write in my bullet journal, which happened to be a metallic blue, and proceeded to just tangle away.

I my used comfort tangles of crescent moon, cadent, and meer. And surprisingly I added Diva Dance too. Diva Dance is not one of my usual tangles but I’d seen it recently and it just seemed to fit. Then I drew a few orbs along the top edge. Oh! I did switch pens halfway through, to a purple pen; I love purple ink.

So here is my unusual tile for the week before I did any shading.

The green corner tips are because I put a green piece of paper behind my tile when I scan it and the artist tiles I use have the corners snipped off.

Here it is in natural lighting before shading.

The metallic ink doesn’t want to show up very well. ;)

I scanned it in grayscale as well.

I toyed with using my watercolor pencils to shade but pulled out my Prismacolors first and just decided to stay with them. Ultimately I think I should have used a few more shades of pencils, but I’ll be honest, I just needed to get this tile finished so I could post it. ;)

So here it is after I shaded with my Prismacolor colored pencils.

I did use a tortillon but it didn’t blend very well. Here is the scan of the shaded tile in grayscale.

Here is the tile in natural light.

So, how do you blend Prismacolor pencils?

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Michele ºÜº

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