CoVid and New Game

This week started with a bang! My daddy had to be hospitalized with Covid and pneumonia.

It’s been quite frustrating because nobody can go be with him. And then Momma is at home alone with Covid, so nobody can go be with her either.

Sunday we took our car over to the shop to have some work done on it Monday. We’d told the mechanic what needed to be done and he let us know when the parts arrived on Friday that he could work on it Monday. So when Momma asked me to drive Daddy to the ER, I forgot all about not having a vehicle.

So then I did the next natural thing and called Michael. He was in his work van, at work, but said he’d go do it. Then we realized that whoever took them would have to quarantine for 14 days and Thanksgiving was just 10 days away.

As I think I mentioned last week, my sister and her husband are also sick with Covid and live just 5 minutes from my parents. We would normally gather at their home on Thanksgiving but I’d made a back-up plan to have Thanksgiving dinner here for us, Sean, and Brian, Lauren, and Liam. BUT if Michael or I took my dad to the hospital, then they wouldn’t be able to come and I know Lauren and Liam are looking forward to it, as am I. :)

So I facetimed Tracie and was telling her my dilemma and before I even got it all out, her hubby Mike said, “I’m already quarantined, ” and proceeded to get out of bed. Bless him! He is such a servant! He chauffeured Momma and Daddy to the ER, handed Daddy off to the waiting staff there, and took Momma back home.

I’m so glad he didn’t wait any longer to go. He has pneumonia. It’s been really hard because we cannot be there with him and it is hard to stay informed this way and not be a pest to the precious nursing/care staff.

Daddy has been exceptionally weak and his oxygen levels have not been good. Please pray for him. Since he finally retired for the last time several years ago, Momma has gotten very used to him being around all the time and is really missing him.

It is also difficult because Daddy is an introvert. Add to that the fact that he is weak, so communicating with him is not easy, if even possible.

I’ve been on the phone and texted so much this week! It is draining, but I do it gladly. Momma is getting better and able to do more around the house but is really missing Daddy.

Ran errands and got a ham for Thanksgiving dinner, as that is Lauren’s preferred meat. I also got biscuit to make Bubble Bread. I got stuff to make the Jello Cookies and Cream Pie and Apple Crumble Pie. I’ll also make some chocolate chip cookies for Liam. :)

Usually I only do desserts for Thanksgiving but things are different this year, so I’m doing the whole shabang. (Or is it shebang? I’m too tired to figure it out right now. :D )

AND we have to put up the Christmas tree early next week too! Why? Because I like it up the weekend after Thanksgiving but Michael doesn’t like the mess while we are doing so. He is home Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; so then I don’t get my tree up until Monday and I don’t like that. So we’ll be putting it up earlier. ;)

Well, I’ll run for now. I hope you have a good weekend! I appreciate your prayers for my family members and I hope to give a good report next week on their health.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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