Copywork, Penmanship, or Handwriting Practice

Copywork ~ lIfeofjoy.meMy baby sister and her girls came for a visit the other day; we like to get together once a month to talk homeschooling and just basically catch up. I know from past conversations that she really liked the copywork calendar printable from My Joy-Filled Life that I linked to last year in this post on handwriting and copywork. Having subscribed to her newsletter to obtain one of the calendars to see if I could recommend it, I still get updates from her that I read every now and then. Recently I noticed that she decided not to do the monthly free printable again, as she compiled the whole year into a one-time download to be purchased

for a nominal fee of under $3. Consequently I wondered what my sister had decided to do and told her I’d search around for some other freebies and share them today. :) (Aren’t I nice?! :D )

Oh! If you haven’t read that post I did last year on handwriting and copywork, you really should because there is some interesting tidbits about handwriting and its benefits for the body.

Copywork ~ Lifeofjoy.meSo, let’s get started . . .

  • Here is a page that has several collections of copywork pages. The  verse is displayed in cursive, then in a large grayed cursive that younger ones can trace, and then finally lines for the child to write the verse on. There are three different sets with five verses each. Then lower down there are links for a free printable with twelve verses on a particular topic and in addition to the lined paper it has the verses illustrated to aid your children in memorizing these scriptures. Really very cute! You do have to click on each verse though to get the to the printables for each verse or you can just download the chart from this main page.

  • Here are some from Proverbs with links to some C.S. Lewis quotes and some from Dr. Suess too.  She also has a link to her pinterest board with lots more copywork pages.
  • On this page, the author shares 21 different verses she has created printables for.
  • Here  at A Diligent Heart, are ten verses in manuscript (print) in a choice of four versions for you to download.
  • Hubbard’s Cupboard has some as well.
  • Free Homeschool Deals has a LOT of links
  • This last one is not exactly copywork but you can use it to select one verse from the listed reference. It is a year long project to create a scene from the given reference using Legos.

There is also a curriculum called Write Through the Bible. They have several scripture passages to choose from.

If there is enough interest, I will consider creating a monthly calendar with a daily scripture to use for copywork.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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