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TConnect with Your Spouse ~ LifeofJoy.meoday I thought I’d share some GREAT websites to give you some GREAT “Date Night” ideas. Many of these ideas are adaptable to different situations. I like these sites because I don’t have to get super creative, I can just read through and find something that I think we’d enjoy and make any adjustments I want to make for our given situation.

  • First up is The Dating Divas  which is jam packed with lots and lots of date nights that are customizable to your situation. Many of the ideas include printables for you to download and print out and use!    Here is one you can do with your kids: Check out some of the different date nights and see which ones you and your hubby might like and which ones you might enjoy with your whole family; just remember that if you use the idea with your whole family to ensure that your hubby knows and feels that this time is created with HIM in mind, since the point of it is to get closer to him. There are also a list of about 100 suggestions added in the comments of this post.
  • This next one is another idea from The Dating Divas site. This is a cute idea for a once a month, year long, project of “date” nights. Here’s how to adapt this for the whole family and some homeschooling as an added bonus. Make the passport and such as suggested on the site but give it to your husband when the two of you are alone together and explain that once a month you will be treating him to a special date night. Much of it will be shared by the entire family but let him know that the ‘night belongs to him’ and that once the children are down for the night and/or you retire to your room, the date night will continue. Imagine the smile that will be on his face when he comes home to the decorations and smells of a foreign place, right in his home, but he knows that his fun is ONLY just BEGINNING. Be sure to decorate your bedroom as well as the eating and/or living areas. Take the opportunity to do a short unit study on the chosen “destination” with the children prior to the “date night” so that there is an educational benefit as well. 🙂 You can make passports for your kids too, just leave some special touches for just your honey. (Remember to make it special for HIM, if you do all the same things for the kids, he’s not getting anything special.)
  • Love Actually is the next one and it has many date night ideas (click that one for the index)!!! You could spend hours here. You might even plan a date night where you and your hubby look through some of the different date night ideas and see what he thinks would be worth a try. You might want to also check out the blogger’s other site, , to see some ideas she has there for other things . . . I noticed she has a girls party with a theme of Milk and Cookies, sounds like it could me a fun Homeschool Moms Night Out.
  • Here’s another Date Night Idea blog: She has a link to 101 Date Night Ideas, surely we older ladies can even find some ideas here. ;)
  • Here’s an interesting article, “Reinventing Date Night for Long-Married Couples,” that has some interesting ideas about the kinds of activities you should pursue together. Please take the time to read this; it is really good.
  • Here is one idea I plucked from an other-wise ridiculous list: Pick up a bucket of fried
    chicken and head for the drive-in.

In my travels, I came across that great website mentioned above, The Dating Divas. While perusing the site, I came to realize that a couple of the contributors are Christian ladies, which explained why the site is so tastefully done. I read their FAQ page  and the answers to questions 7 and 8 are great. I hope you’ll pop over there and read their wise words and that these links will inspire you and help you keep connected with your husband in a deeper way than before.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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