Conference, Eating Out, and Liam

Conference, Eating Out, Liam ~
Wed Dinner at Cheddar’s.

It’s been a great week. I’ve had some great ladies helping me with the breakfast at the conference, this week. We’ve had some great services and some great fellowship. My family and I have extroverted way more than usual and, quite frankly, we are glad it is Friday. ;)

We’ve had a house guest for half of the week. I think the long drive and our enjoyment of being home finally got to her though, as she decided to spend a few nights with some others from her home town, in town. But it is all good.

I’ve managed to stay, pretty much, on the Keto diet most all of the week. I allowed myself to increase the carbs a bit, if necessary, for this week only. In spite of all the breakfast items available and working in the kitchen, we’ve needed to take our breakfast with us as there was nothing that was low enough in carbs or sugar free for us to eat. ;) However, for lunches, we ate out and I managed to do quite well.

I got my favorite lunch salad at Cracker Barrel. It is their lunch special but I get some steamed broccoli with cheese on it. The first day I ordered it, the entire group of five ordered it as well. :) Then the next day Mike and I couldn’t find anyone to go to lunch with, so we went to Ted’s alone. I got the Fajita Salad and ate less than a dozen tortilla chips. I’m very proud of myself, as I even skipped the complimentary sopapillas, which are always delicious.

On Wednesday, Tiffany decided that she wanted to go to lunch with Mike and I and she had a couple of others. I then invited another friend. On the way out the door, we invited a few others to join us. Before we left, we had a group of ten and as we were about to leave another four or five people from the conference joined us as well. It was great. We ate at First Watch, where I got a delicious omelet with meat, cheese, caramelized mushrooms, onions and peppers served with a side of mixed greens. There was a nice whole grain toast but I avoided it too.

Then Wednesday night, we ended up joining some others for dinner at Cheddar’s, which is one my favorite restaurants. They started with  group of five and ended with a group of twelve. :D  We ordered some onion rings for the table to share. I ate about six of them even though they are NOT keto. The other thing I had not keto, was the sugared pecans in the salad. I felt like a rabbit having eaten so much lettuce/salad the last few days.

Conference, Eating Out, Liam ~ Lifeofjoy.meYesterday, Lauren had a lot of running around to do and I asked if I could watch Liam for her for a while. :) She brought him to the church where we gladly showed off this miracle baby! :) Of course, everyone loved him. I am ashamed to admit that I did not share Liam snuggles very much though. Nope, I hogged him. Mike was a jewel though and kicked me out of the kitchen where he said he’d finish up, so I could hold Liam.

The visit ended all too soon and I’m already looking forward to the next visit.

Well, it’s the final day of the conference, and I have lots to do. So I’ll run for now.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº


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