Commitment ~ Lifeofjoy.meWhen you got married, that became God’s will for your life, whether it was His will before you got married or not. It is not His will that you and your husband part ways. Now, there are some extreme circumstances where it would be His will, abuse is one of them but I am not talking about that today.

Now that we’ve discussed that your marriage is now God’s will for your life, let’s talk about how to make the best of it. It is not easy to meld two people into one life but with God all things are possible. The biggest thing, in my opinion, is to be committed to your spouse. Just simply having your mind made up that you have made this commitment and you are going to see it through helps remove some of the struggle. If you are no longer deciding if you should get out, that doesn’t weigh on your mind any longer; it’s no longer something you even need to think about.

The next thing for women is to respect their husband. It does not say anything about the husband earning your respect. I know there are situations where this is very difficult but it is a biblical directive. Men need respect and they especially need it from their wives. Be a woman that build her husband up and does not tear him down. It is not your job to teach him, mother him, or show him how he is wrong; I think that is disrespect to a man.

If you see areas where your hubby needs to grow, pray about it asking God to deal with the situation and then be attentive to what God directs you to do or not do, as the case may be. It is not my job to nag Michael about areas that I think he needs to change. It is my job to respect him.

Now the man is to love his wife. Yep, I have found that this can be just as foreign to men as respect is to women. At least they have an example in Jesus and how he loves us. Love is easy for us women but the Bible does not tell use to love our husbands.

There is much written on love, respect, and the duties of husband and wife and I am not really doing that justice. My point today is that once you got married, the one you are married to is God’s will for your life. As I do little things for Michael he notices and it blesses him. The same is true of him and what he does.

I guess my bottom line today is be a blessing to your spouse, all the time. Pray for him. Respect him. And watch as he loves you more and more.

Until next time, God bless,

 Michele ºÜº

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