Christmastime Fun

We really enjoyed the lights at Garden of Lights in Muskogee. Drive through Lights ~ Lifeofjoy.meAs you can imagine, it is much prettier in person. ;)

Christmas Fun Lights ~ Lifeofjoy.meIt seems that it went with some music but we never found any signs indicating the station and upon opening the window, we were still soundless. ;)

Michael loved how they lit up this tree.

Christmas Lights ~ Lifeofjoy.meI really liked this one.

Christmas Light Fun ~ Lifeofjoy.meMostly it was lighted trees along the drive.

Christmas Lights ~ Lifeofjoy.meThere were purple ones, red ones, yellow ones, blue ones, all different colors. It was very pretty. They have signs directing you to the Christmas Castle when you exit. We hadn’t planned on it but decided to head on over. We parked and went inside the castle first but since we hadn’t planned on going there, we didn’t really know what they had inside and left shortly after arriving. Liam needed the respite from riding in the car and wasn’t too happy when we got back in the car but the air-filled displays perked him up a bit.

Balloon display ~ Lifeofjoy.meThey had some fun decorations, but I was really glad we’d gone to the garden of lights first. If we’d only have done the castle I would have been disappointed because the castle displays were not very vibrant.

They had pony rides and hayrides available by the castle. There was an ornament for kids to make too. I think the drive through the light display is about a mile long. Fortunately at that time the line was nearly non-existent. :)

They had some Star Wars characters at the end of the drive through. Brian got a picture of them but I’m having difficulty receiving pictures from non-iPhones. It’s really ridiculous! Yay! Lauren got them to me. :)

StarWars Blow Up Figures ~ Lifeofjoy.meI really liked the nativity blowup too. :)

Nativity Blow Up ~

Tiffany had made us hot chocolate, THM style. I made the Cinnamon Butter Bundt Cake into muffins, which we took with us as well. It was a nice drive.

That was the week before Christmas! I didn’t realize that Christmas was just the next weekend. Initially I planned to take two days to run my errands, one for groceries and the other to finish my stocking stuffer shopping. When it got down to it, Tiffany and I decided that we’d rather make one long day of it. And a long day it was! But we got it all done.

Unfortunately, there was a power surge and a couple of the main intersections had the traffic signals out causing the traffic to be horrendous. Add to that, Tiffany and I were starving.

Big shopping day, lunch time ~ Lifeofjoy.meShe was so happy to be getting out of the traffic and go eat one of her favorite lunches. Sadly, I forgot to save a picture of the traffic jam in snapchat. ;)

We finally made it to Panera for a THM lunch; okay, it was a crossover. I was all ready to get their black bean soup and sprouted roll but they didn’t have any. So we opted for the broccoli cheddar soup and the roll . . . yep, definitely a crossover meal . . . but hey, crossovers are still on plan. :)

We were very glad that we’d put dinner in the crockpot. As it turned out, Michael and Sean made it home a few minutes before we did. It was a very tiring day but a good one. Every year I say I’m going to get my gift wrapping done earlier. At least I wasn’t wrapping on the 23rd again. ;) Well, I’m starting bullet journal this year, so maybe making a notation in my future planner will get me wrapped up earlier next year. :)

Well, I’ve rambled quite enough for one week. I’ll share pics from our Christmas weekend next week.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº


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