Christmas Themed Tangle

Thanksgiving and Big Stuff ~ Lifeofjoy.meMy daughter Tiffany’s Christmas book has been published! It is a murder mystery surrounded by the fun and festivities of the Christmas holiday and a budding romance. Get it on Amazon

iamthedivacztAs most of you know, the Diva Challenge this week is to pick one of the challenges from this week in previous years. I thought I might do the “Keep It Simple Silly” but really wanted to do the “Merry Happy” Christmas themed challenge from #148.

FB□1 ~ LifeofJoy.meThe tangle focus for Square One: Purely Zentangle and Shading Zentangle is Aura-Leah. I’ve never done this tangle before but thought it might lend itself to stand in for the different characters in the nativity scene.

The tangle of the day at is H and I, which I have never done either, but I hoped I could make it work for either stars or the stable roof.

The WZTV focus tangle is the newly released official tangle Drawings. I thought I might be able to make it stand in for the “Star” but it is going to take a LOT of practice to figure this one out. So I searched for a star-like pattern and found Starawn. This one looked pretty simple, so in it went. I do wish I had seen the variation starting with a center triangle and used that for the main star in the middle but I think it worked out okay.

Here is the tile before shading.

DC#297 ~ Lifeofjoy.meHere is the finished tile. I thought I’d smudge the border line I drew but think it might have been better if I had just erased it. I do like the smudged effect on a lot of tiles, just maybe not on this one. ;)

DC#297 ~ Lifeofjoy.meIt always amazes me how much darker the shading is in person as opposed to once it’s scanned and on my computer.

I appreciate your kind comments and the time it takes for you to leave them. They are most encouraging.

I’ll have something else up next week; I hope you’ll stop by.

Until next time, God bless,

 Michele ºÜº

5 thoughts on “Christmas Themed Tangle

  1. What a great way to portray the crèche scene!! Well done…and I wish my mind worked like that, lol. Love the tile!!

    Merry Christmas!


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