Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve! And for us that means it is Christmas #1. :) When Michael and I were first married, we spent the night at my parents’ house on Christmas Eve and opened our gifts to each other there. When we had Brian, the first year we did as we always did. But around the 3rd or 4th year we got Brian and Sean some larger toys that we could not lug to my parents’. So I got the brilliant idea to get up Christmas Eve morning and act as though it were Christmas. Since Michael was already self-employed at that time, work was no problem. :)

It was great! We got up and did Christmas that morning and the kids were able to play with their new toys all day long! At my parents’ home they weren’t able to play with all their toys because there were too may people there and we needed to keep the mess to a minimum. So this was a huge win because if they got something they didn’t want to part with, like a stuffed animal or something else small, they could take that item with them.

Now twenty-five years later, we still wake up Christmas Eve morning and have Christmas here. Then on Christmas day we wake up and go to my sister’s home and have second Christmas. :) This makes our Christmas nice and full! :)

It is probable as time goes on that things will change. This year will be really different without my dad. :D But we will go with the flow as each change comes and let God help us through each one.

I feel sorry for those who have lost loved ones earlier this year. I imagine they have worked through their grief but now the holidays are here and they are having to work through it all again. I have prayed for them. I so appreciate the prayers that our family is receiving that I want to be sure to cover those other friends in prayer too. So Hardings  (Moores) and Roses, know that I am praying for you this holiday season.

I encourage you today to make this holiday memorable. Teach your children the blessing in giving and the blessing of family.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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