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Christmas Around the World ~ Since I no longer have anyone to homeschool, I ask my sister Tracie, from time to time, if she needs any help researching anything. She said she was interested in Christmas around the world. Thankful for the idea, I did a quick search and was thrilled with what I found.

  • First there is this pdf. Now I generally don’t like linking directly to the pdf but it is what came up in my search. It has a couple of links for the information for nine different countries and then activities and recipes too. There are even a few notebooking pages your children can use. It is a very nice, simple unit study.
  • There is also this simple pdf with a paragraph or two for each of nine countries (some different from the above but some duplicates too) and links for activities and recipes for each. This one has flags of 29 different countries. It is the first link on this page. At the bottom of that page, there are many links that I may pursue in the future.
  • This website has a one-page six-day study. It has one paragraph about how each of six countries celebrate Christmas and then a link or two to activities or recipes for each. At the end, there is a list of countries that don’t celebrate Christmas at all. So if you are looking for something very short and sweet, this may be your resource.
  • Although I cannot recommend the free ebook on this next site for a Christmas study, it would be good for some other time of year for a geography study, as it really does not delve into how each country celebrates Christmas. BUT she has about 30 contributors in a linky on the bottom of the page, one per country, where the participant does share the Christmas happenings of the selected country. So for that, I highly recommend you visit the site. :) (And come back later for a geography study and use the free ebook. Oh, I should add that the version I downloaded of the ebook did not have the right links to the TimeForKids website but it is easy to find in a search.)
  • This final one is to a webpage that tells about a lapbook free over on homeschoolshare. It sounds nice. Normally, I would just go check it out for myself and share about it without referring to her site but she did a nice write-up and at the bottom of her post she has three links to some studies/lapbooks that are pretty interesting: Birth of Christ, Symbols of Christmas, and Christmas Hymns.

Who knows, after you learn about some of these other countries, you may decide that you want to add some traditions to your holidays like this family did. Click over to this site and  see which ones they found were a good addition to their celebrations. ;) But whatever you do, don’t get yourself all bogged down. Lighten up and enjoy the season! Do some baking together and be sure that your children know why you do the things you do.

Until next time, God bless,

 Michele ºÜº


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