Celebrating an Anniversary and a Birthday, and Fun Postponed

Michael and I celebrated our 33rd anniversary last weekend! We’re not big celebraters. :D We just went to eat at Rib Crib this year. :) It was yummy! Then we looked around Walmart for a little bit and grabbed the two ingredients we needed for homemade ice cream.

Yeah, it’s a horrible picture of me but oh well, it is what it is. :) Notice I have a sleeveless top on and he has long sleeves? :D That’s about how we are in most things . . . opposites.

Tiffany made the angelic birthday cake ice cream for us all to enjoy that very hot night. It was pretty good. It was a bit on the softer side of soft serve but it was good all the same.

Let see, what else did we do this last week? We visited a church for the second time and decided it is not for us. We have been to some small churches but this one is the smallest yet. To be fair, they are in the process of looking for a new pastor, so they’ve lost quite a few people this year.

They were really nice and friendly and invited us to their potluck dinner they had Sunday after church. The food was good and the fellowship was nice. But it just isn’t the right place for us at this time. So the search will continue.

Oh, I think I mentioned last week that we were supposed to be going to a water park last weekend. But alas, we had to postpone because someone that is going with us got sick. We’ll get there eventually. :D

We’re going to visit my oldest son Brian and his family this weekend. It’s his birthday this weekend, so we’re going to go have some fun with them. :) Swimming is definitely on our plan. I’m sure the chickens are not going to like that they will be stuck in the pen until we get back but at least they’ll get out of the coop while we are gone. :)

Well, I’m going to run. I have lots to do before we leave. I hope you have a wonderful Independence Day weekend!

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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