Busy . . . Christmas Shopping

It’s been another busy week! Glass Snowman ~ LifeOfJoy.meAs you can probably tell by the title and the picture, it was filled with Christmas shopping! :) It is fun and tiring, all at the same time. Unfortunately, we (my sister, mother, and I) are not nearly as prepared or as far along as we should be for this time of year. Usually, by now, we are nearly done and looking to get things for those outside our “extended family” (at least that is what I’m calling the group of us that include my parents, my children, including my daughter-in-love, my siblings and their families, at least the ones living nearby). Thankfully I will be getting a HUGE bit of my shopping done tomorrow.

I went shopping with my mother, youngest sister, and my daughter-in-love earlier this week while Tiffany stayed with the my nieces. We left the house about 8:30 and returned home around 6:00. Quite the day, although not as long as we have done in years past. Unfortunately, quite a bit of time was spent working out who was getting what, over lunch, which my sweet hubby purchased for us.

I fully intended to do my online shopping the next day but was troubled by an aggravating headache, ALL DAY LONG! I tried many things to get it to leave but it clung to me. Thankfully it did not remain the next day.

Tiffany, Lauren, and I ran errands after one day to recoup from the previous day of shopping. We did a little Christmas shopping but Tiffany was in need of some clothes for the cooler weather, so much of our day was spent at the mall in one store, for which we had coupons, searching for appropriate clothing. Do you know how hard it is to find modest clothing for young ladies that actually have a figure? I’ll tell you, it is quite difficult. Most clothing is either too tight, too low, too short, or a mixture of the three. It is quite pitiful but we were finally successful and did manage to get some good deals today. I love the giving heart of my daughter-in-love! She found a couple of things that Tiffany loved but could not squeeze into our budget and purchased them for her; one she got for free after coupon and using rewards – how sweet that she used the rewards to bless Tiffany.

My sweet son Sean supplied the funds for our lunch today! What generous, kind, giving people I have in my life!!! I love a good Philly Cheesesteak and I had a good one for lunch today. The girls had Chinese food, which also looked good.

After our bit of Christmas shopping, clothes shopping, and lunch, we were off to one of our happy places, Mardel, in search of bargains, mostly of the book variety. Although we did not hit the jackpot, it was not a total loss, as Tiffany “may have found a stocking stuffer” for Lauren today. You see, when we are shopping and find something we’d like to have, we let someone else purchase it for us and will see it come Christmas but we must try to forget about it, so we are “surprised” when we unwrap said gift. Many times we refer to these items as hypothetical gifts. ;) It’s all in fun and we are sure to get something we want.

We then started our grocery shopping, visiting 4 stores within a couple blocks of each other. When we got to the last store, Tiffany was able to do a bit more clothes shopping and was blessed with some good deals. We finished and dropped Lauren off at her car and headed home. We actually beat Mike home today, which is good considering we needed to tidy up a bit before he arrived.

It was another busy day; we left at 9:15 and got back around 5:00. As I already said, I will get the bulk of my shopping done, from the comforts of home tomorrow while I wait on the dishwasher repairman to arrive. Then I’ll be on target for getting my Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving again this year!

I hope you are planning your holidays and getting ready to share the love and joy of the season with your family and friends.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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