Busy and Fun

Last Friday our church had a Church Family fun night. Tiffany and I went over during the day and helped decorate. This is what the tables looked like. Mary and Carol did a good job getting decorations. It looked really nice when we got it finished.

Busy and Fun ~ Lifeofjoy.me

It was a good evening of fellowship. There were several songs, some information about who Saint Patrick was and what he did, food, and door prizes.

I swiped those pictures from Mary. By the time I got my camera out, decorations were all taken down and put away.Busy and Fun ~ Lifeofjoy.meTiffany didn’t have any green clothing to wear but we picked up a cute shamrock scarf and the bow tie at Dollar Tree. It made her outfit festive. :)

Busy and Fun ~ Lifeofjoy.me

We celebrated Tracie and Sean’s birthdays at my parents’ last Sunday. When I made the menu this week, I completely forgot that Sean’s birthday is this weekend. I sure hope I have everything I need to make his birthday meals. ;)

We got to keep Liam for a while this week. He was really energetic and had Tiffany walking him around and around. :)

Busy and Fun ~ Lifeofjoy.meWe also moved some furniture around. It was a busy week.

It’s been ridiculously hot for March and of course, our air conditioner in the house and in the car are in need of some attention.

Michael came home with another window ac unit this week to help us until our air conditioner serviceman can make it here. So, we’ve hung a blanket over the hallway entrance and closed doors to external rooms, to allow the two window units to cool our main living areas. We put box fans in the windows to bring in the cool air at night, so the bedrooms are not horribly hot.

As I was cleaning up yesterday, I found this little guy hiding out on the counter top.

Busy and Fun ~ Lifeofjoy.me

There’s always one Christmas decoration that doesn’t get put away with the rest. Every year. I guess it was this one’s turn. :)

I believe I told you about the cats and kittens last week. Well, this week Latte moved three of the kittens somewhere . . . not sure where . . . but they’re gone. Just one little cute white one with no tail is left. I guess maybe Tiffany is mistaken that there were three without tails. This one is cute; I hope it survives.

My parents came for dinner this week too. It is nice to have them over for dinner. It’s hard to believe we’ve done this three times now. Wow, the year is going by quickly!

Busy and Fun ~ Lifeofjoy.meYep, Tiffany is playing the new Zelda game. Sean bought it last week. It said that it wouldn’t be here until April and then next week and then BOOM! It got here early this week! It is really really an enjoyable game.

I made a sugar free, gluten free pound cake for dessert tonight. Actually I got the recipe from that cookbook in my mom’s hands, Cooking Keto with Kristie. I’m loving the recipes. It was supposed to be made in a loaf pan but I was hungry for strawberry shortcake kind of thing. So I made it in my flan pan. There was a bit extra batter, so I made a few mini cupcakes.

Here it is in the pans ready to go into the oven.

Busy and Fun ~ Lifeofjoy.meOH!!! The brand of oat fiber makes all the difference in the world!!! Seriously!!! The last couple of items we made with Anthony’s oat fiber tasted like play-doh. Yuck! I got the oat fiber from Netrition this week and it tastes good!!!

Obviously, I didn’t get the pan greased well enough. Good think I used the parchment paper on the center. This is a flan pan from Pampered Chef. There was such potential. :)

Busy and Fun ~ Lifeofjoy.meI’ll grease it down a lot better next time. AND there WILL BE a next time. :)

I whipped up some heavy whipping cream with a bit of sukrin melis (aka powdered sugar substitute) and a few drops of Vanilla Cream Stevia liquid drops by sweet leaf.

Busy and Fun ~ Lifeofjoy.meThis was delicious!

Liam will have his first sleepover here this weekend! :) This grandma is happy! I’m sure it is just the first of many to come. So, I hope I’ll remember to take pictures while he’s here. As you could tell, there were slim pickings from his visit earlier this week. :D

Well, I told you it was a busy week!

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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