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Well, the art I did so far this week was to pretty up my bullet journal pages. I’m not much on weekly or monthly spreads. But I do like my pages to have some pizazz. I utilize the power of washi tape and stickers. :)

Being a stay-at-home wife, and having Tiffany here learning to be one too, we have a monthly meeting to give ourselves some goals and to give each other some support and encouragement for the coming weeks. Before our meetings I like to make some washi tape sections on a page to put my notes and things. Here’s my page for this month.

I had several pages that didn’t have anything pretty on them. Time to pretty them up.

I really like that wider tape I used on that one.

Sometimes I journal on a page and leave space to put some washi tape on it later; that was the case with the left page below.I combine different widths of washi tape sometimes. I did that on both pages above. I like the effect of different tapes combined.

Sometimes I make notes or work things out on another piece of paper and want to keep it, so I affix it onto a page in my bullet journal, like this below.

I am better about using my bujo when the pages are a little bit pretty. So periodically I’ll run a piece of tape down the middle of the page and it is enough to encourage me to use it more.

I’m guessing that by the time I get to the page on the right it’ll be Christmas week and it’ll be nice to use.

Here’s the last two pages I’ve prepped. I’ll add some stickers as I go, if I feel like it at the time.

This is my no pressure approach to bullet journaling. I like to have a place to put all the notes I take and not lose them. I don’t really utilize the index as intended; I just thumb through to find what I’m looking for. I try to set off special things with stickers, sticky flags, or . . . wait for it . . . washi tape. :D

Remarkably, I got so much washi tape last year that I didn’t even put any on my Christmas wish list this year. :) But I do have to admit that I like to look for more washi tape as often as possible; you never know when you’ll find some you just have to have. ;)

Well, that’s all I had time for today because I spent a big part of it trying out a new recipe to see if it would work for our church dinner next week. Verdict is in and it was a success–we all deemed it delicious. :)

I hope you have a great week.

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

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