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Moon phases ~ Lifeofjoy.meDid you see the lunar eclipse yesterday? I did not but I understand it was both a blue moon, meaning it was the second full moon in the month, and a blood moon. Dinah Zike had a good write up about it earlier this week. I think it is good information, even though it has now too passed, because there will be more in the future sometime. ;)  Here is the link to her blog post.

Moon ~ lifeofjoy.meHere are some  links to some unit studies, activities, and printables on the moon. I hope they will be helpful the next time your little one (or even older child) has an interest in the moon, astronomy, or the solar system.

  • This page has a good number of Montessori-inspired moon activities including some painting and even scissor practice.
  • This page has a good collection of activity links including a glow in the dark moon phase mobile that looks really neat. :)
  • Here’s another page with a lot of Montessori-inspired moon activities including a video at the bottom.
  • This one includes directions to make an inexpensive DIY telescope. :)
  • Donna Young has a moon study outline.
  • And finally, here is how one gal’s interest led to a study of the moon and astronomy. Pretty interesting quick read.

I hope these pages are helpful to you. If nothing else, hop on over to Dinah Zike’s page and read the quick information about the colored moons.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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